Get to know us

Optimising your ecommerce site and building a marketing strategy isn’t easy. No matter how great your efforts are, you need sophisticated knowledge and  tools to affect real growth.

We know because we’ve been down that road. Now we’re leading the way for ecommerce business owners all over the world.

Our Story

At Digifly, we have been delivering ecommerce solutions for over 10 years. 

Through this time we have worked well known Irish brands such as Universal Music, Bewley’s, Claddagh Records and Dingle Distillery. 

We are a full-service digital agency, specialising in ecommerce delivery and digital marketing, and have proven success in helping brands grow sales and increase brand awareness online.

Who we partner with

We have handpicked a select number of software and service providers to partner with in order to provide our clients with the best performing ecommerce stores.

Our amazing team

At Digifly, we value hands-on experience and a solid work ethic.

We also know how vital open and clear communication with each other and our clients is for providing a seamless, effective service. 

Our expert team will guide and support you throughout the process. We’ll also provide the follow-through service we know is critical to maintaining a thriving business. We look forward to working with you.

Our core services

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Google Shopping Ads offer huge exposure for your ecommerce products. This form of advertising is highly effective at increasing conversions providing a great ROI for your business. We make the process easy and will setup everything required to help you reach more consumers and increase sales

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Whether you’re looking to migrate to Shopify or Shopify Plus or simply optimise your existing set up, we can make it happen. Our experienced team and professional processes allow us to always deliver improved functional online stores with enhanced conversion power.

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Recover lost sales, build trust, and win back buyers. Automated email marketing, targets abandoned sales with superior intelligence. Using advanced email software, Klaviyo, build continued relationships with the customers you have lost touch with and see your revenue grow.