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Klaviyo Just Rebranded––Should You Too?

Patrick McCarthy

On 23 March 2022, Klaviyo introduced a new visual scheme with a new logo, iconography, typeface, imagery, and colour palette.

Are these just aesthetic changes, or do they represent a more powerful, successful, and communicative brand identity?

In this article, we’ve used Klaviyo’s recent rebranding event to demonstrate how small changes can have significant impacts to your brand’s identity.

But first, why should you be concerned with brand identity? Is it a strategy reserved for big, well-known brands or can more humble ecommerce ventures benefit from it too?

We’ll look at why brand identity is a critical marketing consideration and then dive into how Klaviyo did it.

This article is an ideal first critical look at whether rebranding is right for your ecommerce business at this stage of business development

It will help you reassess your brand’s values and how you’re communicating them to your customers.

The power of brand identity to business success

As an ecommerce owner, you’ve been through a fair share of business growing pains. Everything from SEO strategies to email marketing to choosing the most effective ecommerce platform for promoting your product. 

Once you’ve made good headway and sales are growing, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour, right? 

Well, not quite. Take five, and then it’s time to revisit everything you have done so far to level up your business and give it the critical eye. 

How can you further improve your ecommerce business to drive even more sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your brand’s reputation?

Brand identity. Simply put (by this source), 

"brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer."

Brand identity makes your business more recognisable in your industry. Logo designs and colours strongly factor into this. Take Coca-Cola red, Nike’s swoosh, or Apple’s, well, apple. The elements of design, colour, and symbol come together and communicate a particular message to an audience, and become increasingly familiar to consumers. 

Brand identity also helps communicate brand values, which can help establish trust and credibility, and build a loyal customer base. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the development of a unique sales proposition or USP––a selling feature that sets you apart from the competition. 

The significance of Klaviyo’s rebranding

What’s behind Klaviyo’s recent rebranding?

Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Bialecki, sums it up here:

“Klaviyo’s always been focused on increasing ownership, and our new logo helps us signify that.” 

If you haven’t seen it yet, Klaviyo’s new logo features a flag on the top left of the O:

Across the globe, flags are a positive affirmation of loyalty and commitment. Traditionally, they symbolise a nation’s pride, and act as a canvas for portraying significant colours, national emblems, and they’re a symbol of support to its people.

Specific to Klaviyo, Bialecki continues…

“Flags celebrate community and connection, they help guide and are instrumental in wayfinding, they’re symbols of speed and success.” 

One source interprets the flag as a symbol of ownership:

“Flags are the perfect symbol for Klaviyo—a company empowering and celebrating creators to own their data, to own their future, to see their purpose accelerated.”

Klaviyo’s underriding values include data ownership––which empower its clients’––community, guidance, and success in speed. 

Its minimalist design and text communicate simplicity and an honouring of back-to-basics core values. The colour palette features neutral shades and contrasting bursts of bright colour, symbolising confidence, strength, and clean, no-nonsense values.

Klaviyo’s Executive Creative Director, John Goodwin, describes their new look in the following quote:

“The business has grown immensely over the past few years, and we wanted our brand to match the maturity and evolution of the company.”

His following comment is probably the best take-away message to help your own rebranding strategy:

“In a sea of tech sameness, our goal is to stand apart with a modern take on a classic, organic serif that is as relevant today as it will be 100 years from now. The flag on the logo mark acts as an exponent, showcasing how we help our customers grow exponentially.”

What is going to set your brand apart in a “sea of tech sameness”? 

“In a sea of tech sameness…”––this key message is critical for any business owner attempting to improve or enhance their brand identity, develop a USP, or for start-ups just joining the ranks.

Why are customers going to choose your brand over a hundred others? How can even the most simple design choices make a world of difference to generating new business and cultivating brand loyalty?

As Shopify experts and ecommerce website specialists, we have loads of experience with developing brand identities. For more than a decade, we’ve been supporting ecommerce owners enhance their aesthetics through strategically chosen symbols, colours, design, and more. We can help you too, and it starts with a free call. 

Contact us today to get started.   

“[Klaviyo’s] refreshed brand identity continues to signal Klaviyo’s belief that even with scale, meaningful connections matter – more than ever” (source).

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