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Klaviyo Makes Email Marketing Personal: Why This ESP Is A Vital Tool For Ecommerce Business Owners in 2020

Colleen Thornton

We get a lot of people asking ​why email marketing?​ ​Is it really still a thing? 

Email marketing is still one of the most reliable marketing methods. At first glance, the data show us that it’s as effective as social media marketing and content marketing. But behold the numbers:

·     Every €1 spent on email marketing generates €44 in ROI

·     People spend 138% more through email marketing

·     Automated email produces 320% more revenue than non-automated emails

·     Email is 40x more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined

Email marketing is easily measurable. A powerful email service provider (ESP) gives you detailed insights about who is interested in your product and how to target the most engaged subscribers effectively. As a result, your marketing time and efforts become more efficient.


Klaviyo, a booming ESP that entered the scene in 2012states, ​“it was never just about email”.​ A wholly accurate realisation and reminder for all digital business owners.

In the ecom business, you’re pummelled daily with numerous tools, methods, services, processes, and the like for optimising your business and increasing your ROI. But what you might have already noticed is that the simple approach is often the most effective. Things get complicated very quickly if we focus too much on fancy tools. At the same time, we require a level of sophistication and automation that wasn’t available 10 years ago. How do we reconcile this?


Return to the fundamental goals of any ecommerce business: Building relationships and making money.

While increasing income seems to be the primary goal, we can’t get there without focusing on the people that hand over their hard-earned cash to us. So really, the basic principle behind any ecommerce business is building relationships with customers, and it’s why Klaviyo crushes the competition.

Klaviyo has attracted more than 30K users because it’s designed specifically for ecommerce businesses.​ But before we get into how Klaviyo performs in its class, let’s take a look at what any good email marketing software should do:

➔ Provide metrics

➔ Schedule emails

➔ Offer different email templates

➔ Create and send emails based on your rules

➔ Segment subscribers according to customised lists

It’s a pretty basic list, but there’s a lot of room to play with. That’s where Klaviyo rules. It takes all those expected features to thenext level.



If you’re browsing for a new ESP to acquire more subscribers, Klaviyo can help you design the ideal customer experience. It starts from the moment someone visits your site through the duration of your business-consumer relationship.

Here’s a quick hit of some of their most popular features:

·     Intuitive sign-up forms

·     Split test automated emails

·     12 customer engagement tiers

·     Intelligent trigger emails via their signature“flow builder”

·     Predictive analytics for keeping customers engaged and buying



What is the benefit of segmenting subscribers and personalising campaigns?

Think about it this way: you walk into a shop and all the shirts are “free size”, meaning they should fit every body type. Except they don’t. They’re either too big or too small. They only fit very few folks who aren’t partial to properly fitting clothes, and they don’t buy shirts very often.

Sending the same email series to your browsers, subscribers, and customers––also known as the batch method––is like offering them the same one-size-fits-all shirt. If they’re browsers, you’ve lost them. If they’re subscribers, they’re wondering why you’re sending them junk. If they’re already customers, you’ve likely offended them.

In fact, 43% of the people who unsubscribe from email lists do so because the messages are irrelevant.



Good relationships are founded on open, responsive communication. That’s why email marketing software should, at a bare minimum, target customers with relevant information. Imagine you’re having a conversation with a friend about digital currencies, and they keep responding with statements about cats. It’s pretty clear they’re either not listening, or they simply don’t care, and you’d probably drop out of the conversation pretty quickly.

Segmentation is about building a relationship with your customer. It targets customers with personalised information that gives them what they want when they want it.


With Klaviyo, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time and build a list of higher-quality, engaged subscribers, rather than a pile of stale names that don’t interact with your campaign.

And better yet, this kind of segmentation helps you build a loyal ​customer​ base, that is, people who actually ​buy​. The trick is to make your marketing as unique as your customers, and Klaviyo helps you do that.

You’re always engaging and selling to one person only. That free-size approach is stale-dated. No one wants to be one in a million; we want to be one ​out ​of a million. But we’ll shelve the psychology behind it for now and focus on the numbers.


Segmented email campaigns have a 100.9% click rate than non-segmented emails ​and result in lower spam rates.

Now, sending every subscriber a different email sounds like a lot of work. Understanding what they want means you have to know their individual purchase history, how they interact with email, and loads more. When you’ve got a 10K+ subscriber base, that’s a lot of individual emails!


Klaviyo has trigger-based email, which outperforms the old batch or nurture approaches by three times because it streamlines the entire process.

Automatic emails are triggered by an action taken or not taken by a visitor to your site, or by a change in their behaviour. With trigger emails, you can also target specific customers at key times based on their on-site behaviour. The show-stopping beauty of Klaviyo’s trigger-emails is that they respond to current user behaviour - data collected ​that same day, ​rather than weeks or months ago. So your conversations with your subscribers are ​always relevant​.


Klaviyo takes the intelligence of email segmentation a step beyond most other ESPs. It allows you to set ultra-specific parameters and structure them into “flows” that use an intuitive drag and drop interface (as a bonus, you can also choose from the Flows library).

Klaviyo also enables the creation of segments based on on-site user behaviour and other factors like order value, acquisition source, shopping preference, purchase frequency, browsing and shopping behaviour, shopping motivation, and shopping cart profile.

You can combine and exclude segments for greater specificity for a customer profile like this:

lives in X post code, spent over €100 in the shoes product category in the last 30 days, and has opened at least one email in the past 14days.​ ​Klaviyo even uses predictive analytics to forecast when they’ll buy again.


Segments update automatically and assign new users without your involvement (that’s right - no manual maintenance), and you can even import segments into your FB marketing campaign.

As an ecommerce business owner, segmentation in Klaviyo equips you to build meaningful relationships with subscribers and generate more revenue.



Like any healthy, successful relationship, knowing what the other person wants begins with listening. Your response then demonstrates your understanding and offers the customer something of value.

But a lot goes on between data collection (listening) and what you do with that information (response). We must also be concerned with customer privacy. That’s where reporting and analysis come in, and both should be accurate, insightful, and respectful.

In short, we want to collect usable insights that help us get the customer what they want. If that’s not your product or service, the metrics should make that clear. ​GDRP compliant data collection and processing is one of Klaviyo’s essential features, and we can’t underestimate its value for building client trust.


Detailed analytics give you the insight necessary to boost your marketing and build lasting relationships. Even better when it’s aggregated into a single view so you don’t have to use multiple tools. Klaviyo gets this.

It provides multiple ways of viewing data, customising metrics, and comparing performance from the main dashboard​. It also allows you to view the information immediately, compared to multiple integrated channels that can take hours to reveal important data. Analysis becomes an engaging, fluid endeavour when you have clear, easy access to detailed information.


Let’s take a look at how Klaviyo allows us to interact with data:



Accessing specific information with Klaviyo’s customisable forms is a vital first step in building a relationship with every customer, and it’s powerfully on point. Targeted forms allow you to leverage segmentation by beginning a conversation with visitors to your site. They pull in vital information about their preferences that you can use to create ultra-specific marketing campaigns. Then you can use advanced form analytics to measure how they’re performing.


What factors are contributing most to your ROI? Which one scan you ignore? These data help you create targeted segments and send timely emails. Customers are at different stages in the sales cycle, and the irresponses are more or less favourable at different times of the day. Klaviyo’s detailed reporting helps you identify how to customise your campaign.


Metrics should be clear enough to do most of the work for you. With Klaviyo, see how your email campaign compares to other marketing tactics like social media and PPC, so you know where to invest more time and money. Compare past and current data and track spikes in growth. User-friendly split testing is built right in.


Integrating with other software shouldn’t complicate matters. Get cross-channel client information flowing into your Klaviyo database with total fluidity. Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with ecom platforms, payment and helpdesk software, marketing tools, and CRM platforms.

Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Stripe, and WooCommerce are just a few of them.

What’s the benefit of seamless integration besides having all your data in one place? In a nutshell - less work for you and more money in your pockets.



We recommend checking out Klaviyo’s offer for unique email targeting and advertising. They’re slightly more than the other guys, but with a collection of compelling features and user benefits, you really can’t find better value. It’s made specifically for ecommerce so you can really hone in on user behaviour and preference.

Advanced engagement is the future of email marketing. Batch communication simply doesn’t cut it anymore. People want to be acknowledged, catered to, and they want their online shopping endeavour to be a convenient shoo-in every time.

Klaviyo delivers sophisticated tools and metrics without complication so you can build responsive relationships based on immediate, relevant information sourced right from the customer.

If you want to learn more about using Klaviyo with your Shopify or other ecommerce software, we can help. There’s not a lot to integrating platforms, but getting that initial step done well is imperative to its overall success. We can help educate too if you find the interface doesn’t meet your standard of user-friendly (it’s okay, simple tools don’t always meet us where we’re at).

Contact us today​ to get started with your Klaviyo integration or if you just want to dive straight in you can setup a Klaviyo account by clicking here.

By the way, the best time to send a marketing email is Tuesday at 10 am. Basic psychology suggests it’s also a good time to market coffee and vacation packages.

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