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Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme 2022

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The Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme has been designed to enhance Irish-owned retailers digital presence, allowing Irish businesses to leverage online sales both nationally and abroad. 

The minimum project expenditure is €20,000. Applications with expenditure below €20,000 will be considered ineligible.  For first time applicants, the grant is calculated at a maximum of 80% of eligible expenditure of up to €80,000. The maximum grant available is up to €64,000. For applicants who were awarded funding in the previous Online Retail scheme calls, the grant is calculated at a maximum of 50% of eligible expenditure of up to €80,000. The maximum grant available is up to €40,000.

We successfully brought several retailers through this process in 2021 and secured the maximum funding available in each case.

The application deadline is the 1st June 2022.


About the Online Retail Scheme

With the aid of the Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme, retail businesses have been able to accelerate their online growth in such a challenging time for retail in Ireland. In 2020 and 2021, Irish companies shared over €17 million in eCommerce improvement grants, and Enterprise Ireland have indicated that another one may be announced soon.

Digifly are an approved digital agency by Enterprise Ireland, and have proven success in securing grant funding for businesses. While many agencies are keen to work with as many clients as they can under this grant, here at Digifly we do things differently! We only take on a small amount of projects at any one time to ensure that we can give your digital project and business the utmost care and attention it needs. We will guide you through the whole process, from the initial application (helping you secure funding) right through to the implementation of your new online store. Our goal is to see your online business thrive from the work that we have done.

Whether you were unsuccessful in previous applications or need guidance on how to apply for the first time - you’ll be in safe hands with our team. We specialise in eCommerce builds and would be delighted to assist you in your application FREE of charge. 


Supporting you with your grant application

The application will require strong analysis of your current online presence. We recommend planning the application form as early as possible. Enterprise Ireland are investing in Irish-owned retail businesses that have a desire to create jobs and generate growth through online sales. Typical elements involved in developing a sophisticated and successful application include evidence of innovation, accurate research, strategy development, planning and implementation. All areas we love and specialise in!

Check if your business is eligible for the grant? 

Irish-owned retail business 
10 or more full-time employees 
Have an existing online presence (website or social media)
Previously unsuccessful applicants are also eligible

Areas in which the grant can be used to grow your business: 

Development of an eCommerce website 
Improving your online presence and visibility 
Enhancing operational systems and integration work 
Salary costs of an internal project champion

We are offering FREE SUPPORT in assisting you with your Enterprise Ireland Application. Get in touch today to see how we can help accelerate your online business. 


Some of the brands we work with

Digifly have been delivering eCommerce strategy and solutions for over 10 years. Through this time we have worked with well known Irish brands such as Bewley's, Universal Music, designist and Stork & Co. We are a full service digital agency, specialising in eCommerce delivery & digital marketing and have proven success in helping brands grow sales and increase brand awareness online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How difficult is it to complete the form? 
A. The form is complex and will need careful planning. We strongly recommend starting the application process and form as early as possible. 

Q: Does the eCommerce partner agency have to be selected in advance of the application? 
A: Yes, you will need to include details of the service provider in the application, together with a breakdown of tasks and activities, number of days and daily rates of your chosen service provider. 

Q: If a retailer did not get approval for a previous application are they allowed to re-apply in this round? 
A: Yes, you can apply. We would be happy to assist in planning your new application. 

Q. Can previous EI scheme participants apply for this scheme? 
A: Yes, if the previous project has been completed in full, then a new application will be allowed. 

Q: Is there preference for ‘New to Online’ or ‘Expand Our Online’ - where jobs may be at risk. 
A: The objective of this Scheme is to support companies in the retail sector with a pre-existing online presence (this can be a website, facebook page, Instagram, other social media). Applications will be scored on the extent to which they demonstrate additional functionality and the expected impact on the business. 

Q: How many years accounts do I need to provide? 
A: To make a valid application, companies must provide their latest statutory accounts (no more than 2 years old) 

Q: If we have an existing eCommerce platform but want to progress our platform and eCommerce offering can we submit? Or is this just for new eCommerce applicants? 
A: You may submit an application, however, projects which do not propose significant additional functionality to the online presence of the applicant company will be considered ineligible. 

Q: To demonstrate need for funding through loss of profit, can this be loss of profit through brick and mortar stores? 
A: Yes 

Q: Can wholesalers with trade retail outlets also qualify? 
A: They can, so long as they can demonstrate in their application that they derive the majority of revenue from the retail outlet(s) 

Q: Can you explain the bit about the internal champion salary and how that impacts on the daily rate of champions? 
A: Salary costs of a senior project champion are covered. This person will work with an external service provider on the project. The costs to support the salary of the project champion must not exceed the external service provider costs. A maximum of 1 internal champion per company is eligible for salary costs. The maximum eligible salary of the internal champion is €1000 per week (€200 per day) for a maximum of 25 weeks (125 days). Claims for wages and salary support for the champion must be supported by payslips and proof of payment. 

Q: If a retailer hasn’t invested in SEO for example, would that an eligible activity? 
A: Search Engine Optimisation would be an eligible activity 

Q: Is there an official Enterprise Ireland link for more information? 
A: Yes, you can see the official page here.

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